Hacking Writer’s Block.

Tony Ollivier
4 min readJul 17, 2019
Courtesy of Pixabay

Writer’s block can be hell. Like insomnia or constipation. You want something to happen and it just doesn’t.

Writer’s block is like a concrete barrier keeping your car from falling down to the next floor. Not all writers have this problem but when it hits, it’s a bitch.

Lots of reasons why you can’t write. Usually nothing physical; no person is blocking you from your computer unless you have a two-year-old that wants to play or a cat that likes to sit on your keyboard.

Writer’s block is just yourself getting in the way. Or more accurately, your inner critic says things like “You can’t write that!” or “that’s just shit.” Or the more hurtful saying, “you don’t have any talent so why even bother?”

There’s lots more. Feel free to add your own as a comment.

How do you fall asleep, take a crap or write what you want to write? Like anything, it needs a helper. Warm milk, lots of fiber or maybe just a hack.

courtesy of Pixabay

The trick is to outsmart that asshole that’s living rent free in your head and stopping you. You outsmart him writing AROUND the block.

In “The War of Art”, Steven Pressfield names his writer’s block as resistance. A multi-tooth shiny monster that sits on your shoulder and whispers how you should just stop. There’s a new show on Netflix to binge. Facebook is calling you to like stuff and argue with people about politics.

But you hear no one having “Facebook Block”

But your critic, your resistance or the asshole in your head can be tricked. Instead of writing the thing you want to write but can’t, write ABOUT and AROUND what you want to write. For instance, your first line could be, “Today I will write a paragraph in my awful story and that paragraph is about how I wanted to kill my father when I was five.”

That’s it. Write ABOUT what you want to write. Throw in as much hate and anger at the process you want. Writing this way shouldn’t trigger an allergic reaction to your writing. You can deliver a sneak attack to your critic who is waiting for you to start writing…